Color pages and cover again, and more confirmed for next issue!

A big thanks to for raws.

Call the police!

Download 2015-01 – Matsuri hears some strange sounds coming from room 102…


Page 2: Miyako is likely confusing this expression with its literal meaning of “the right person in the right place”. It’s used figuratively to mean someone is well-suited to a job or position.

There is finally news on volume 8! Houbunsha has listed its release date as February 27th, 2015. Details on cover art or number of chapters are not yet known. (All bets on Landlady!) When it gets released I have some things to take care of:

  • Check for artwork changes and other edits to chapters. I never got around to posting my full comparison for volume 7, so I’ll get on that soon.
  • Go over all the chapters starting with 2013-02, make changes as necessary, and release a batch.
  • Update artwork evolution chart with Matsuri and the rest of our regulars.
  • Since the confusion about chapter numbers has finally been cleared up, all future releases will include the “real” chapter number in the file name along with the magazine date, same as my volume 7 batch.