This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for exactly two years, but now it’s ready to see the light! Don’t ask how that happened. Trust me, volume 8’s comparison post will be more timely.

What do I mean by artwork edits? When it’s time for serialized manga chapters to be compiled into a volume, the manga artist often takes the opportunity to touch up the artwork or make minor changes that weren’t able to be completed in time for the magazine’s manuscript submission deadline. This is especially common to see in manga from weekly publications, but manga with less frequent releases like Hidamari are no exception. I’ve recorded changes I’ve found in volumes 1-6 here.

For the comparison images I put the magazine version on top and volume version below. The volume images from the public raws don’t look very good, but they get the point across. Page numbers match both the Japanese and English releases, so you can follow along. Here we go!

Page 14: Background changed to clarify exactly where in front of Hidamari everyone is standing.


Page 15: Small details added to Nazuna’s counter, like her faucet and a box of ingredients.


Page 21: Detail added to the cafeteria, Miyako is no longer hovering in place, and Yuno has feet (she’s not that short!).


Page 21: Ume forgot to draw the mirror and drawing tools on the table in the magazine printing.


Page 22: School gate added.


Page 27: Sae’s chair added.


Page 33: The seaweed attached to the umbrella was forgotten in the magazine printing.


Page 35: The school and some trees were added to the background.


Page 39: White outline added to the sound effect in panel 8.

Page 44: Yuno no longer greets Arisawa in some white void.


Page 53: Supplies drawn in the background for consistency.


Page 54: Background details added.


Page 56-60: Here’s an extensive edit. In the magazine printing, Yuno wore her culture festival outfit without her Xs. But in the volume, Ume decided to have her wear them for the event. Yuno’s Xs were inserted in a total of 23 panels. However, Ume missed one panel on page 56:


Page 60: An additional sound effect for flipping the note over is added in panel 4.

Page 66: Background detail added.


Page 70: “Nari” is repeated multiple times in Miyako’s poem. In the volume, this is emphasized with a dot on each character to make it more obvious. However, a mistake was added in the process: the closing quotation mark was accidentally omitted.


Page 73: Nori is actually getting work done!


Page 83: Gradient and tail added to speech bubble, sweatdrops added.


Page 84: Background added.


Page 90: Nazuna’s backwards stamp is now shown.


Page 91: Yuno’s “…” speech bubble was not present in the magazine.


Page 92: Sound effects for door opening added in first panel.

Page 99: Backgrounds added to two panels (magazine on left, volume on right).


Page 99: Ume forgot Yuno’s hair gradient in the magazine printing.


Page 105: Text added to the covers of the college brochures.


Page 109: The most understandable change of all: Hiro now has a cake in front of her.


Page 113: White speed lines added near Hiro in panel 3. Yuno gets one of those little attention marks near her head in panel 5.

Page 113: Sae’s originally gray speech bubble was filled black. The “…” speech bubble was redone with a text outline and proper gradient.


Page 116-118: This chapter had barely any shading on the characters’ hair and bodies in the magazine printing, a sign that Ume barely met the deadline. They’ve since been properly filled in (notice Sae’s shirt above).

Page 116: Impact lines added in panel 8.

Page 117: The left strip’s title was changed from 観察 (“Observation”) in the magazine version to ちっちゃく (“Modestly”) in the volume.

Page 116-118: Notice that on page 116, Sae is wearing tights and Hiro is wearing short pants. However, by page 118, Sae is only wearing shorts and Hiro’s pants seem to be gone entirely. This seems like an error at first glance, but when a reader asked about it, Ume said it was intentional. At least to me, it appears that they were dressed for the cold outdoors on page 116 and changed their clothes when they went inside. She apologized for not making it clear and thought that she could have made it more obvious by having Hiro change her socks too.

…And that’s all I found! Let me know if I missed anything.