Volume 8’s release date has been confirmed as February 27th, as first spotted on Houbunsha’s website. The cover will probably be revealed soon, so be on the lookout!

Thanks again to YuriHouse for high-quality raws!


Download 2015-02 (Dropbox) – Yuno and Miyako take a trip to the school guidance office.


Page 2: Yoshinoya’s choice of outfit this chapter is very likely a nod to the cleavage window sweater meme that swept Twitter last month. Minus the window, of course. That’s definitely against dress code!

Page 3: If you feel it’s been a while, you’re right. This poor character hasn’t had a speaking role in the main manga since 2011! Also, amanatsu are a type of Japanese citrus fruit.

Page 4: As the note says, Miyako repeats a cliché line said when you’re unraveling someone’s kimono. The phrase originates from old skits about old pervy warlords. A similar joke was told way back on V1P069, where Yuno was supposed to say it but repeats a different cliché instead.

Page 5: The city of Nagoya (in the same prefecture Nazuna’s parents moved to) is known for having much wider streets than Tokyo and other Japanese cities, thanks to intensive urban planning throughout its history.

There was no preview for Hidamari next issue (out on January 28th). Again, this means either a black and white chapter or a hiatus is possible. Volume 8 currently sits at 16 chapters and 101 pages of material, which is pretty much full. The bad news is, this won’t leave volume 8 with much room for bonus pages. I’m still waiting for a Landlady origin story, Ume.

Also, it was announced that there will be an Ume Aoki artwork exhibit at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo this year between October 3rd and 12th. Mark your calendars!