It turns out last chapter was the beginning of volume 9, but as promised, each release will be marked with the correct serialized chapter number (check here) to avoid confusion, starting now! Archive names will also be changed in an attempt to avoid future bombings of my download folders. First, let’s get to the chapter, then more announcements at the end.


Download 2015-04 (Dropbox) – Yuno visits home to discuss her college plans with her parents.


Page 3: Yes, this is bad and I know it. I’d honestly declare this one the most ridiculous wordplay I’ve encountered in my three years of working on this manga. Absolutely no one but Miyako would ever think of this. “I want to go” = ikitai = iki-iki (lively) + tai (sea bream) = 活き鯛 (also pronounced “ikitai”). But hey, Miyako-isms have served as a great learning oppor-tuna-ty.

Page 4: We last saw this happen on volume 5 page 31! The train pictured is a JR East E257. Trains of this type operate on the Chuo Liner that connects Yuno’s hometown in Yamanashi to the Kanto region. As Yuno says, they have reserved seats available for a comfortable trip.

Page 6: If you’re wondering about the -kun, it’s because he’s talking like a game show host here (-kun is not only used for young boys, but also one’s subordinates or other people below the speaker’s position).

Page 8: Poor Nori, looks like Ume messed up with the paint bucket tool in that fifth panel.

Thank you Yuri House for your year of service, I wish you the best of luck in future endeavors.

For the time being, releases will be based on public raws, just like they were up until last year. These raws were unreliable for a bit but seem to have returned to their former consistency (…for now). Although late at times, we can trust them to show up eventually. Of course, the usual warning for public raws still applies: the color pages tend to look, well, radioactive. I can adjust the saturation values so the pages aren’t as painful to look at, but keep in mind that the physical magazine will look different to the naked eye. So if there appear to be strange fluctuations in Matsuri’s hair color or Nazuna’s eyes take on a bloodthirsty red hue, don’t worry about it.

For personal reasons, this issue will be the last issue of Kirara Carat I will import until further notice. This actually doesn’t affect much since I never had the equipment to scan it properly in the first place. It might mean that some  background text that’s too small to be legible in the public raws might have to be skipped, but that’s pretty much it.

As for volume 8, there are still no public raws out as far as I can tell. Two chapters had extra strips added to them, so those will be re-released. Magazine version of the chapters will be updated with dialogue changes from the volume (ex. the continuity error regarding Yuno and the Landlady’s house was corrected).

Finally, no confirmation on a chapter next issue yet (March 28th), so expect either no color pages or another hiatus.