Regrettably, this 4-page chapter was published incomplete. The good news is that Ume says that it will include an additional one or two pages when it’s compiled into a volume. The bad news is that we won’t be seeing volume 9 for at least another year, likely even longer.

Indirect kiss

Download 2015-07 (Dropbox) – Yuno and her classmates ride the Shinkansen to Kyoto.


Page 1: I can personally confirm that the Kanto→Kyoto Shinkansen ride can easily lull you to sleep.

Page 2: What a fun page this was.

a. 勝負パジャマ literally translates to “pajamas for a bout”, which Nakayama associates with the more common phrase 勝負下着 a.k.a. “date night underwear” you’d wear under your clothes when you plan to seduce someone.

b. For reference’s sake, this is the very first time in any Hidamari media where Mami is heard calling Nakayama by name. We see that she omits the honorific, but as per Hidamari’s one-name policy, still uses her surname.

c. Aozora 18 is a parody of the real-life Seishun 18 ticket. Moonlight likely refers to the Moonlight Nagara overnight train that is compatible with a Seishun 18 ticket. The service only runs to Gifu prefecture, though, so Miyako would still have to take many more trains to reach Fukuoka.

Hidamari will appear on the cover of the next issue (on sale June 28th) with a new chapter.

In other news, I’m clearing some stuff out and will be listing some Hidamari-related items for sale soon, similar to last year’s doujinshi sale except shipped from the US. This will include the Figmas, random Precious Memories cards, doujinshi, and also some books for learning Japanese that are roughly around Hidamari’s language level so I hope they’ll be of use to someone.