After two consecutive four-page chapters, this month was a pleasant surprise. This is the first and only serialized chapter to be nine pages long! The good news doesn’t end there: Hidamari gets the cover and color pages next issue (9/28)! It’s Kirara Carat’s 10th anniversary as an independent magazine and as a bonus the issue will be bundled with a set of postcards featuring special illustrations of selected currently-running series (which ones are not confirmed yet, but it’s hard to imagine they’d leave out Hidamari).


Download 2015-10 (Dropbox) – Yuno and co.’s adventure continues in Kyoto.

9/12 edit: Fixed typo and empty bubble. Thanks, Tricky!


Page 1: These are all real places: Kodai-ji, Yasaka Shrine, Gion, Kennin-ji

Page 2: a. Here’s what the Fujin and Raijin folding screen looks like. Nakayama makes a pun on temple (jiin) and sound effect for staring (jii~n)

b. Yosh– I mean, Mameyoshi is speaking in Kyoto dialect until she accidentally mixes in some Nagoya dialect.

Page 3: Yatsuhashi is a soft sweet Kyoto is famous for.

Page 4: Sake lees soup, or kasu-jiru, is made by mixing the byproduct of sake fermentation with miso, vegetables, and here, pork. Depending on how it’s prepared it’s possible for trace amounts of alcohol to be left in it, as in 2007 an elementary school teacher in Kobe was charged with a DUI when he was driving home after drinking not alcohol, but this soup.

Page 7: Yuno confuses the rather obscure word “hannari” (refined) with “shinnari” (soft/flexible).

Page 8: A popular word for photoshopped images is “kora”, which sounds a lot like “koraaa–!”, a rude way to call out to someone when you’re angry.

So apparently Yuno is still Yunocchi even when she’s not wearing her Xs. In the early bathhouse chapter and the anime adaptation of the Olive chapter, Miyako reverted to calling her Yuno when they were removed.

See you next time!