Happy birthday, Miyako! (October 10th) This issue marks 10 years since Kirara Carat became an independent magazine. Hidamari is a bit older than that because it started serialization back when Carat was being published as a “special edition”-type magazine.


Download 2015-11 (Dropbox) – Yuno’s class visits Nara on the second day of their class trip.

Page 2: This page takes place in Nara Park, and the attractions everyone but Yuno is talking about are at Todaiji, followed by Kasuga Shrine. Rice crackers for feeding deer are sold within the park. The wild deer have learned that tourists = food and will persistently follow people who carry them (you can find amusing videos of this).

Page 3: Fun fact: the English word “rickshaw” comes from the Japanese word, jinrikisha. Perhaps the Hidamari universe’s anti-full name force field was also a factor in barring Nakayama from participating.

Page 4: In terms of untranslatability this ranks right up with that barabara page. The construction “nara dewa” means “unique to”.

Page 5: Persimmon leaf sushi is a specialty of Nara. Guess which part you’re not supposed to eat.

Page 6: Dotonbori.

The Ume-ten is coming to a close on Monday. I hope that everyone who went found it worth the wait time  (5 hours last Sunday and 1-2 hours on weekdays!). The prestigious Sankei Shimbun ran an article on it, which someone kindly translated here. Here’s something interesting:

At first the plan was to end Hidamari when Yuno’s upperclassmen Sae and Hiro graduated. “But when I continued drawing, I realized that something wasn’t right about that. I don’t know about the future, but currently the plan is to continue the manga until Yuno and Miyako graduate.”

I wonder at what point in the manga she decided to change plans?

And finally, some potentially bad news: there was no preview for Hidamari next issue (10/28), and given that Ume has been busy doing live drawings and signings at the Ume-ten, chances for a chapter are lower than usual.