R.I.P. Miyu Matsuki. According to an interview from the S1 BD Box, when Ume first heard her audition as Yoshinoya, she said, “Yoshinoya-sensei is here.”


Download 2015-12 (Dropbox) – The final day of Yuno’s class trip in Kansai.


Page 2: Doguyasuji Shopping Street specializes in selling cooking utensils and kitchenware.

Page 4: In kushikatsu restaurants, the sauce is not served individually to each customer but is instead kept in a deep metal container on the table to be used communally (as normally as salt and pepper shakers). Obviously, the rule Yuno mentions exists for hygienic reasons.

Although it’s quite the miracle we got a chapter this issue, there’s no preview for Hidamari next month, so place your bets.