Download 2016-01 (Dropbox) – Yuno and co. spend the day indoors making origami.


Page 2: Origami paper is typically not sold in bulk in the colors gold and silver. Instead, one sheet of each is included in packages of plain-colored origami paper. It is believed this is to remind children of the rarity of these precious metals and to emphasize that each sheet of paper should be treated with care and not used wastefully.

Page 3: Yuno makes a “trick boat” (Damashi Bune). Ask another person to hold the boat by its mast, then flip down the sides while their eyes are closed. They will now appear to be holding the boat by its hull.

Next issue (12/28), Hidamari will get color pages! It will also print the final chapter of GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class, which has been running since 2004.

The volume 8 batch will be coming very soon, including Yamabuki Sketch. The prologue and other volume-exclusive pages, however, will not be released here. You’ll be able to read them in the official English release coming out next week.