Hope your holidays are very wide this year!

Here’s my final revision of volume 8. Note that this is simply a compilation of the translations I made from the magazine scans, that is to say, it is missing the updated artwork and extra pages you’d see when reading the volume itself. On the bright side, I was able to include Yamabuki Sketch and the book jacket bonuses! A big thanks to Chozo for raws! The individual chapter archives have also been re-uploaded to reflect any new edits (but note that their filenames haven’t changed because I didn’t want to break all my links).


Download Volume 8 batch (Dropbox)

For the people who host my releases on manga readers, I’d appreciate if you took the time to update the chapters to this version.

Detailed translation notes are available to view on a single page here.


  • Minor rewordings and other changes to text bubbles
  • Typos corrected, including an instance where a “Miya-chan” should’ve been a “Miyako-san”
  • Filenames all follow a consistent format with volume number, page number, and magazine issue number
  • Pages released with hi-res raws have all been re-cropped to a consistent 1060 x 1600px
  • Translation errors fixed
  • Two lines of dialogue and a strip title have been changed to reflect their revisions in the volume release (this includes the continuity error at the Landlady’s house)

Because of how sporadically this volume was serialized, its earliest chapter is actually three years old! Thanks for sticking with me this long, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my work since then and hope to keep improving.

…You know, I still can’t get over how Sae thought it was an okay idea to sneak back into her old room…