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Download 2016-04 (Dropbox) – Hiro and Natsume give Yuno and Miyako a glimpse of everyday life at Ama Art University.

No notes necessary this time. There was no preview for next issue.

In other news, a second run of the Ume-ten exhibit is currently running in Osaka with some new merchandise for sale and another autograph session with Ume. Her other manga Binetsu Kuukan is getting its first volume in April. Quite exciting news, as this is the only non-Hidamari manga she’s written in the past 12 years to make it to a tankoubon release. An interview in the art book sold at the Ume-ten confirms the publication of Mado no Mukougawa and Tetsunagi Kooni has been indefinitely suspended, although Ume says she still wants to eventually draw a conclusion to the two series.

Oh, and shoutout to the Chinese scanlations, I’d been looking for these for quite some time! I wish I could read them.