First of all, thank you for all the messages of concern, no one’s dead. This delay has been brought to you by a number of factors: the public raw provider has disappeared again, I’ve been out traveling away from home, and this particular chapter is a translator’s worst nightmare with the highest wordplay density of any chapter to date.

Regardless of how difficult it can be, adapting the jokes is one of my favorite parts of working on this series, so I localized as many as I could. Some lines have been modified or rearranged to flow better with the translation. I normally try to avoid outright rewrites but since absolutely none of the dialogue in this chapter is relevant to the overall story, you aren’t missing much. The result is hopefully more entertaining than panels littered with TL notes, while still keeping the spirit of the original.

I left the kanji puns alone because those would have required even more extreme changes to make sense. Remember when Yuno thought Sae and Hiro’s relationship was going “barabara”? It’s the same type of thing. The characters are rewriting words (most of them onomatopoeia used as adverbs) as similar-sounding yet completely different ones.

Now I’m deadly curious how YP will handle this one when they get to it!


Download 2016-06 (Dropbox) – The Hidamari tenants ponder the etymologies of some Japanese words.

A big thanks to Ooya-san of Hidamarisoumi for scanning and cleaning this chapter!

There’s another chapter in the works, but I’m leaving on another trip soon so expect it around the first week of July. There was no preview in the last Kirara Carat issue, so whether there will be anything next week is unknown.