Thanks again to Ooya-san for scans and cleaning!

Download 2016-07 (Dropbox) – Nori comes down with a bad case of artist’s block.

I’ve been waiting for a chapter like this for years. Nazuna’s remark on page 1 rings especially true when you consider it took the series 8 years to dedicate a chapter to Nori drawing something not on a computer.


Page 2: Ebicha (written 海老茶 here) means maroon, marking yet another color on the Hidamari neighborhood’s palette. Interestingly, ebicha is best known as the color worn by Meiji period schoolgirls in the early 1900s. Ebicha Art Institute could be a take on Ochanomizu Institute, an art technical school that offers summer courses to high school seniors at tuition rates similar to those mentioned this chapter.

Page 4: The title of the first strip comes from 寿退社, a word that describes women who leave the workforce upon marriage. Here, though, it’s 寿退荘 which changes the meaning to “leaving apartments upon marriage”.

As previously reported, there will be a chapter in the issue coming out in two weeks!