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Thanks again to Ooya-san for raws & cleaning, making for the first 2400p release here! The second half of this chapter is scheduled to appear in the issue coming out this week.

Download 2016-10 (Dropbox) – The third-years go shopping for swimsuits per Mami’s forceful suggestion, part 1.


Page 2: This is the first time we hear of West Asagi (西浅葱). Given the lack of suffix it may refer to the western part of town instead of a separate municipality. Either way, the station is within walking distance.

Page 5: A poem in this form is known as a tanka.

Also, some Hidamari news! Honeycomb (+ Graduation OVA) is finally getting a Blu-ray Box featuring new box art illustrated by Ume herself. Some episodes will include staff commentary. As for the manga, Amazon Japan has listed volume 9 for a November 26th release, so expect an official announcement soon. The cover girl hasn’t been revealed yet, but I think we all know who it’ll be!