Happy Halloween! Here’s Nakayama in her best ghost costume:


This is last month’s issue delayed to the extreme, sorry! There is no chapter in the newest issue (2016-12), but Hidamari will get the cover and color pages next issue in concurrence with its volume 9 release at the end of November. Thanks as always to Ooya-san for raws and cleaning as well as a wonderful wordplay solution on page 2!

Download 2016-11 (Dropbox) – Part 2 of the girls’ quest to find the perfect swimsuits!

No notes this time. Looks like Ume didn’t have time to draw some backgrounds on the last page, huh?

I’ve been dead because… I’m getting ready to go to Japan next week! I’ll be in Kansai (lodging close to Nakayama’s dreaded Pick-Up Bridge, no less), Kanagawa (the closest there is to a real Asagi neighborhood), and Hokkaido (within a reasonable distance to a spot Hiro and Sae visited). Unfortunately my schedule is too packed to recreate two entire school trip arcs, but there is a certain Hidamari pilgrimage spot I’ve been eyeing. If things work out I’ll be sure to post a report on what I find there!