Bugs crawling up your walls? Ants raiding your pantry? Sounds like you need an exterminator. Call Hidamari Apartments!


Download 2017-08 (Dropbox) – Miyako catches some critters in Hidamari’s back yard.

Speaking of yards, the yard sale is now open! Come one, come all. Yuno & Miyako figmas, anthologies, doujinshi, Japanese learning books, and more at bargain prices.


Page 3: Miyako specifically references the routine mass stocking of Ayu sweetfish in Japan’s rivers for sporting purposes.

Page 5: Originally a pun on “zemi”, which can mean both seminar and cicada.

It’s not yet known if there will be a new chapter in the issue coming out this week.

Update 7/27: Unfortunately, the answer is no. We’ll have to wait until August 28th to find out if there will be anything new published.