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I’m working on several posts about the differences between the anime and manga, so here’s an easy place to start. The following 11 segments were entirely original to the anime and do not have a manga equivalent.

S1EP12 – “December 25: Goodbye, Ume-sensei” (The manga had its own Christmas chapter in volume 3.)

S2EP05 -“March 25: Congratulations, Chika”

S2EP06a -“July 30: Saeta”

S2EP09a -“August 5: No Summer Vacation”

S2EP09b – “December 3: The Wolf of Inner Shinjuku: Part II”

S3EP06a – “November 15: Height of the Sky, Shade of the Grove”

S3EP07 – “May 3~4: A Day in Seven Parts”

S3EP09a – “November 22: Seniors and Freshmen”

S3EP12 – “July 12: Three Stars x Lycopene”

S3SP01a – “June 11: Yay, Family Restaurant!”

S3SP02b -“July 30: Barbecue”

In wake of the season 4 announcement, the Hidamari anime was given a 12:30AM timeslot (technically Sunday morning but it’s regarded as Saturday night on TV schedules) for re-runs on the Japanese stations Tokyo MX, Tochigi TV, and Gunma TV for Winter 2012. A poll was posted that let fans pick the best 12 episodes out of season 1 and 2 and their respective specials. You were only allowed to make one selection out of all 30 options, so you couldn’t pick a favorite episode from both seasons. There was also a field to leave a comment.

Here are the winners listed in order of their re-airing. I’m not sure if they aired by popularity votes or any particular order.

Week 1, January 7
S1EP10 – “November 3: Yuno-sama”

Week 2, January 14
S2EP01 – “April 5: Nice to Meet You, Ume-tentei!”

Week 3, January 21
S2EX – “February 24: Polaroidon” / “February 25: I Won’t Forget”

Week 4, January 28
S1EP05 – “February 13: Heart and Body”

Week 5, February 4
S1EP02 – “August 21: Japan’s Summer”

(Nothing aired on February 11)

Week 6, February 18
S2EP12 – “July 7: Don’t Look”

Week 7, February 25
S1EP01 – “January 11: Winter Collage”

Week 8, March 3
S2EP04 – “March 16~23: Mild Tuna Flavor” / “October 31: Gagagaga”

Week 9, March 10
S1EP06 – “July 14: Cool and Comfy”

Week 10, March 17
S1SP02 – “November 14: Is Love in the Air?”

Week 11, March 24
S2EP05 – “March 25: Congratulations, Chika”

Week 12, March 31
S2EP07 – “April 7: The Entrance Ceremony and Welcome Party”

I personally voted for S2EP11 but that didn’t even place… though I’m glad to see S1SP02 and S2EP12 did. Also, I hope S1EP10 isn’t there just because of the Mt. Fuji Incident (to be covered in a later post).