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Tokyo Round 1 Answers

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Event background

In August 2010, the Hidamari King Showdown was announced on TBS’s official Hidamari website. This competition called for experts of Hidamari trivia to officially prove themselves. The questions covered absolutely everything related to Hidamari Sketch at that point in time: manga, anime, DVD/BDs, Hidamari Radio, all kinds of CDs, events, games, merchandise, you name it. The winner crowned Hidamari King at the end of this competition would receive:

  • An original illustration by the manga’s original author, Ume Aoki
  • An original illustration by the anime’s character designer, Yoshiaki Ito
  • An invitation to dinner with Ume Aoki, Yoshiaki Ito, and other anime staff
  • The privilege of having any Hidamari wish of their choosing (within reason) become true!

(When this news broke, the dinner prize was misinterpreted by some as being a one-on-one dinner date with Ume Aoki. A correction was later sent out.)

The first stage examination was a 100-question multiple choice test. There were two test sites: Hosei University Ichigaya Campus in Tokyo and Osaka University of Commerce. The registration fee was 1980 yen and examinees could register for a test site and time slot on a first-come-first-serve basis. In Tokyo, the exam was administered in 4 different time slots (Tokyo rounds 1-4 = groups A-D) on September 19th, 2010. The test site in Osaka had 2 available time slots (Osaka rounds 1-2 = groups E-F) and its exam was held a week later on September 26th. To prevent cheating, each group’s test had different questions, but the level of difficulty remained the same. There were approximately 1,600 participants. The 64* highest-scoring examinees would advance to the finals, held in the Yokohama Blitz on November 20th, 2010.

*65 passing examinee numbers were announced on the official website, but according to a short manga about the event by Kanikama, there were 56 finalists. I guess a few people declined or couldn’t come.

Tokyo Round 1 Questions

Wait, where did these come from? I recently discovered this page, where the questions from all 6 written tests are reproduced in full along with the answer keys. They are fully legitimate. So, I’ll be translating and posting them here to share with everyone else.

Unfortunately for us, this test is obviously geared toward native speakers of Japanese living in Japan who have much more Hidamari material available to them. There are many questions relating to material like drama CDs and Hidamari Radio that do not have any English translations. Also, because of the nature of some questions, they don’t translate well into English. Sometimes, translating the options actually makes it more difficult to answer (ex. song lyrics). I’ve marked questions that explicitly require some Japanese knowledge with a *. These questions may ask you to pick the correct kanji for a name when multiple options share the same pronunciation.

If you want to play along, I recommend that you copy and paste the questions into a word processor, bold/highlight your answers, and save it. I will post the answers Friday morning in this same format with the answers marked and any comments of mine included, if any.

Do your best, everyone! Now let’s begin!

001. Who is currently living in room 102 of Hidamari Apartments?
A. Yuno
B. Miyako
C. Hiro
D. Sae

002. Who is the youngest out of the following?
A. Yuno
B. Hiro
C. Misato
D. Chika

003. Masa no Yu is the bath house that Yuno and her friends often visit. What is depicted on the wall of the bath?
A. Mt. Fuji
B. Seven Lucky Gods
C. Bamboo grove
D. Koi

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