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Happy Halloween! Sorry it’s so late, but there are two more color page chapters to look forward to after this one!

Download 2017-10 (Dropbox) – A school art competition, much like the one from volume 3/Hoshimittsu episode 8. You may also remember it as the episode where Yoshinoya commented on Yuno’s bottom. I strongly recommend reviewing that chapter before reading this one so you can recognize some familiar panels!


Page 7: Nikujaga. Back in volume 5, Nori made this (with beef) for Nazuna to help cure her homesickness, but forgot that it’s more commonly prepared with pork outside of Kansai.

Merry Christmas! Have a summer-themed chapter!


Download 2017-01 (Dropbox) – The Hidamari residents go meteor watching, part 1.

Thanks again to Ooya-san for raws and cleaning!

This chapter marks the start of volume 10. There’s a rather interesting revelation in here,¬†so don’t miss it!


Page 3: The right strip is referencing bosozoku.

Volume 9 was released last month. In addition to the usual extras, only the last chapter had a new page added to it.

There was no Hidamari preview in this issue, so whether there’s a new chapter this week has yet to be determined.