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Download 2018-06 (Dropbox) – Little by little, Yuno learns more about the mysterious Igarashi.


Page 6: This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Usa Art University! However, so far its name has only been used in a seemingly abbreviated form. It’s possible the full name of the college is longer (seeing how it’s likely a stand-in for the real life Musashino Art University Ume attended).

This will be my final release under this group. See the next post for details.

A very surprising development awaits!

Download 2018-04 (Dropbox) – Yoshinoya interviews Yuno about her future plans, which leads to…

Note: The bubbles on page 6 are blank on purpose.

There’s another chapter after this one, but raws are currently unavailable due to technical difficulties.

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. Beware of spoilers in the comments of this post!

Download 2017-12 (Dropbox) – Matsuri procrastinates on her summer homework, part 2.


Page 3: “Festa” has caught on with Mami too, it seems!

Page 5: Matsuri’s full name is indeed out in the open, but to no reader’s surprise, it’s intentionally illegible. This time, however, the smudged writing is just large enough that we can tell it’s exactly two kanji long. Of course, we may never know more than that.

That’s it for the backlog. There was no new chapter in the issue from last week.

メリークリスマス&ハッピーホリデー!It seems once again we’ll celebrate by releasing a very decidedly non-wintery chapter.

Download 2017-11 (Dropbox) – Matsuri procrastinates on her summer homework, part 1.

Part 2 coming shortly.

Happy Halloween! Sorry it’s so late, but there are two more color page chapters to look forward to after this one!

Download 2017-10 (Dropbox) – A school art competition, much like the one from volume 3/Hoshimittsu episode 8. You may also remember it as the episode where Yoshinoya commented on Yuno’s bottom. I strongly recommend reviewing that chapter before reading this one so you can recognize some familiar panels!


Page 7: Nikujaga. Back in volume 5, Nori made this (with beef) for Nazuna to help cure her homesickness, but forgot that it’s more commonly prepared with pork outside of Kansai.