Download 2017-02 (Dropbox) – The Hidamari residents plus the Landlady go meteor watching, part 2.

Thanks as always to Ooya-san for raws and cleaning!

There are several parallels between this chapter and the Game of Life chapter/episode. I recommend taking another look at it, now that we know what someone was hiding back then!

Unfortunately, there was no chapter in the Carat issue released today. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Hidamari recently ranked #14 in a reader poll of manga with “too many hiatuses”. While the obvious winner was Hunter x Hunter, Hidamari has the distinction of being the only 4koma on the list.


Merry Christmas! Have a summer-themed chapter!


Download 2017-01 (Dropbox) – The Hidamari residents go meteor watching, part 1.

Thanks again to Ooya-san for raws and cleaning!

This chapter marks the start of volume 10. There’s a rather interesting revelation in here, so don’t miss it!


Page 3: The right strip is referencing bosozoku.

Volume 9 was released last month. In addition to the usual extras, only the last chapter had a new page added to it.

There was no Hidamari preview in this issue, so whether there’s a new chapter this week has yet to be determined.

Happy Halloween! Here’s Nakayama in her best ghost costume:


This is last month’s issue delayed to the extreme, sorry! There is no chapter in the newest issue (2016-12), but Hidamari will get the cover and color pages next issue in concurrence with its volume 9 release at the end of November. Thanks as always to Ooya-san for raws and cleaning as well as a wonderful wordplay solution on page 2!

Download 2016-11 (Dropbox) – Part 2 of the girls’ quest to find the perfect swimsuits!

No notes this time. Looks like Ume didn’t have time to draw some backgrounds on the last page, huh?

I’ve been dead because… I’m getting ready to go to Japan next week! I’ll be in Kansai (lodging close to Nakayama’s dreaded Pick-Up Bridge, no less), Kanagawa (the closest there is to a real Asagi neighborhood), and Hokkaido (within a reasonable distance to a spot Hiro and Sae visited). Unfortunately my schedule is too packed to recreate two entire school trip arcs, but there is a certain Hidamari pilgrimage spot I’ve been eyeing. If things work out I’ll be sure to post a report on what I find there!

Oops, crazy unpredictable hours leave me little time for sunshine.


Thanks again to Ooya-san for raws & cleaning, making for the first 2400p release here! The second half of this chapter is scheduled to appear in the issue coming out this week.

Download 2016-10 (Dropbox) – The third-years go shopping for swimsuits per Mami’s forceful suggestion, part 1.


Page 2: This is the first time we hear of West Asagi (西浅葱). Given the lack of suffix it may refer to the western part of town instead of a separate municipality. Either way, the station is within walking distance.

Page 5: A poem in this form is known as a tanka.

Also, some Hidamari news! Honeycomb (+ Graduation OVA) is finally getting a Blu-ray Box featuring new box art illustrated by Ume herself. Some episodes will include staff commentary. As for the manga, Amazon Japan has listed volume 9 for a November 26th release, so expect an official announcement soon. The cover girl hasn’t been revealed yet, but I think we all know who it’ll be!



Download 2016-09 (Dropbox) – Yuno, Miyako, and Matsuri find themselves awake in the middle of the night for various reasons.

Thanks again to Ooya-san for raws and cleaning!

No notes this time. Usa is an art college that was mentioned in a previous chapter.

There is a new chapter in the issue that came out today in Japan. Also in the issue is a new guest publication by Quro titled “Ichiko-san in the Attic” about girls who move into a college dorm and encounter a young girl spirit (?) who claims to be able to make them popular.