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Thanks again to Ooya-san for raws & cleaning, making for the first 2400p release here! The second half of this chapter is scheduled to appear in the issue coming out this week.

Download 2016-10 (Dropbox) – The third-years go shopping for swimsuits per Mami’s forceful suggestion, part 1.


Page 2: This is the first time we hear of West Asagi (西浅葱). Given the lack of suffix it may refer to the western part of town instead of a separate municipality. Either way, the station is within walking distance.

Page 5: A poem in this form is known as a tanka.

Also, some Hidamari news! Honeycomb (+ Graduation OVA) is finally getting a Blu-ray Box featuring new box art illustrated by Ume herself. Some episodes will include staff commentary. As for the manga, Amazon Japan has listed volume 9 for a November 26th release, so expect an official announcement soon. The cover girl hasn’t been revealed yet, but I think we all know who it’ll be!




Download 2016-09 (Dropbox) – Yuno, Miyako, and Matsuri find themselves awake in the middle of the night for various reasons.

Thanks again to Ooya-san for raws and cleaning!

No notes this time. Usa is an art college that was mentioned in a previous chapter.

There is a new chapter in the issue that came out today in Japan. Also in the issue is a new guest publication by Quro titled “Ichiko-san in the Attic” about girls who move into a college dorm and encounter a young girl spirit (?) who claims to be able to make them popular.


Thanks again to Ooya-san for scans and cleaning!

Download 2016-07 (Dropbox) – Nori comes down with a bad case of artist’s block.

I’ve been waiting for a chapter like this for years. Nazuna’s remark on page 1 rings especially true when you consider it took the series 8 years to dedicate a chapter to Nori drawing something not on a computer.


Page 2: Ebicha (written 海老茶 here) means maroon, marking yet another color on the Hidamari neighborhood’s palette. Interestingly, ebicha is best known as the color worn by Meiji period schoolgirls in the early 1900s. Ebicha Art Institute could be a take on Ochanomizu Institute, an art technical school that offers summer courses to high school seniors at tuition rates similar to those mentioned this chapter.

Page 4: The title of the first strip comes from 寿退社, a word that describes women who leave the workforce upon marriage. Here, though, it’s 寿退荘 which changes the meaning to “leaving apartments upon marriage”.

As previously reported, there will be a chapter in the issue coming out in two weeks!

There is no chapter in the Kirara Carat issue that came out today, but according to the website the issue coming out on July 28th will have color pages. The good news is that Ume’s other manga Binetsu Kuukan will be getting a new chapter in this month’s Rakuen/Le Paradis as previously announced.

And of course, I still have to release 2016-07. I leave on my trip tomorrow but will be back in a week!

First of all, thank you for all the messages of concern, no one’s dead. This delay has been brought to you by a number of factors: the public raw provider has disappeared again, I’ve been out traveling away from home, and this particular chapter is a translator’s worst nightmare with the highest wordplay density of any chapter to date.

Regardless of how difficult it can be, adapting the jokes is one of my favorite parts of working on this series, so I localized as many as I could. Some lines have been modified or rearranged to flow better with the translation. I normally try to avoid outright rewrites but since absolutely none of the dialogue in this chapter is relevant to the overall story, you aren’t missing much. The result is hopefully more entertaining than panels littered with TL notes, while still keeping the spirit of the original.

I left the kanji puns alone because those would have required even more extreme changes to make sense. Remember when Yuno thought Sae and Hiro’s relationship was going “barabara”? It’s the same type of thing. The characters are rewriting words (most of them onomatopoeia used as adverbs) as similar-sounding yet completely different ones.

Now I’m deadly curious how YP will handle this one when they get to it!


Download 2016-06 (Dropbox) – The Hidamari tenants ponder the etymologies of some Japanese words.

A big thanks to Ooya-san of Hidamarisoumi for scanning and cleaning this chapter!

There’s another chapter in the works, but I’m leaving on another trip soon so expect it around the first week of July. There was no preview in the last Kirara Carat issue, so whether there will be anything next week is unknown.